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The Last EmberReviews

“Delivers an intelligent and smartly paced thriller with an added spice of archaeological politics and historical revisionism.”
L.A. Times »

“A stellar debut…the Last Ember Shines!”
Toronto Globe & Mail »

“A terrific achievement for a debut novelist.”
Providence Journal »

“A sophisticated debut that will have readers asking for more.”
Deseret News »

“His tale is genuinely intense — a significant improvement over the many recent thrillers that are merely dense with antiquarian detail.”
Louisville Eccentric Observer »

“I now have renewed interest in visiting Israel again and Rome for the first time. Of course, I want Daniel Levin as my tour guide.” »

“‘The Last Ember’ cracks the code of solid storytelling.”
The Florida Sun Sentinel »

“A compelling and highly imaginative blend of ancient secrets and thrilling action adventure.” »

“A riveting page-turner and a compelling character study.” »

“Levin combines mystery, ancient history, Church history, and modern political intrigue into a sophisticated, entertaining thriller, which I hope is the first of many for this talented newcomer.” »

“More than just another action thriller…Compelling and highly imaginative.”
In Denver Times »

“You don’t have to be a scholar of Roman and Judaic history and archaeology to be able to follow along easily in this well written religious thriller, which is also a first rate piece of European crime fiction. Definitely recommended.” »

Advance Praise for THE LAST EMBER

Daniel Levin’s novel, written with pathos and conviction, represents a much needed literary protest against modern and ancient historical revisionism.”
—Elie Wiesel

“Throat-grabbing, pedal-to-the-metal pacing.  Levin captivates the reader with both plausibility and imagination.  The Last Ember is a prize to be savored.  A superb debut from a talent that bears watching.”
—Steve Berry, author of The Charlemagne Pursuit

“A smart, sophisticated thriller that entertains as it educates, The Last Ember is engrossing. Levin knows his stuff and it shows — to the reader’s great pleasure.  Fans of The Da Vinci Code will devour it happily!”
—Christopher Reich, bestselling author of Numbered Account

“In his fast-paced, erudite and original debut, Daniel Levin reveals a vivid world where archaeological, legal and religious secrets swirl together into a thrilling nexus. Its rich texture and global cast of characters ignite genuine suspense and intrigue. Readers will savor this novel and await more blockbuster Daniel Levin adventures.”
—Matthew Pearl, bestselling author of The Dante Club

“What a glorious journey from the tumultuous world of today’s Middle East to the imperial world of Roman antiquity and then back. With a flair for detail, drama and elegant prose, Daniel Levin keeps us transfixed by his page-turning tale of deception, politics, history and life.”
—Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School

“Levin’s religious and archaeological thriller has all the elements needed to appeal to Da Vinci Code fans: long-buried secrets, hidden puzzles based on ancient religious texts, and a race around the Mediterranean.”

“Da Vinci Code addicts will enjoy Levin’s debut, a dense, complicated novel of religious suspense.”
Publishers Weekly


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