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The Last EmberFeel free to enjoy these in your bookclubs, and post them to the site (in the Tell Us Your Thoughts area). Great answers will be posted in my blog!

1. The narrative of The Last Ember links the historical revisionism in the ancient world with contemporary historical revisionism.  What are modern examples of attempts to erase the past? Have they succeeded?

2. The novel’s protagonist, Jonathan Marcus, begins the novel as a lawyer for less than scrupulous antiquity dealers. At what moment, does he realize he can no longer manipulate the past for his clients – or for that matter, himself?

3. At the end of the novel, is the character of Mose Orviei a source of despair or hope?

4. Is preserving history a moral obligation?

5. Why do you think the novel is called The Last Ember?

6. The novel addresses the museum ownership of illegally excavated artifacts. Should these artifacts be returned?

7. This book explores ancient sites and archaeological ruins. Which characters have “ruins” within themselves, and what is their process of “excavation.”