Ever Hear of La Ciudad Blanca?

Probably not. The “White City” of legend, if it ever existed at all, sits below thick untouched canopy in the Mosquitia region of Honduras, where walking around with digging equipment and a compass will do an archaeologist no good. This is where Steve Elkins, an amateur explorer and film maker, appeals to professionals pining for the discovery of La Ciudad Blanca: He has helped secure enough monetary backing to employ LiDAR (airborne light detection and ranging), at the price of $1.5m, for one of the first times in the history of field research.

What they found was a digitally animated promise that something manmade exists there. Could this be the settlement that eluded Cortes? Mr. Elkins thinks so. He’s so certain, he’s making a documentary as the facts begin unfolding . . .

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